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Floor Displays by Vertical Ledge


What chectout counter or kiosk options do you have?

We offer 2 checkout solutions:

The Kiosk- all wood and the Pier Kiosk that has wood and acoustic panel wrap for a high-end feel and can be custom colored.

Image below shows the Kiosk on the left and the Pier Kiosk on the right.

What are your gondola options and how do they work together?

The Dola Collection, a build-your-own gondola display isle is a unique modular system where you can plug-n-play the 3 base units to curate a very specific display for your retail needs.

It is all flat pack and fits into a bag so if you need your shop on-the-go, it can come with you.

Can I see these products in my space?

When using the Safari or Explorer web browsers (does not work on chrome), you can use your phone to see the displays in your space for sizing and product details. Each listing has the virtual viewer.

This allows you to truly get a sense of the size of the unit and how your products will fit.

The biggest comment we recieve is, "Woah, this is a lot bigger than I thought".

So to help get sizing, and scale down, we're added these virutal viewer files to easily see the unit in your own space.

What types of floor displays are best for small spaces?

Vertical, modular and collapsible options will always be the best option for small retail envirnments as it will provide you with the most versatility while also allowing your brand to stand out.

Vertical Ledge's best selling units, the KIOSK, AFRAME, and DOLA Collection, are curated especially to maximize small spaces for handmade artisans.

Check out our blog posts + booth layout tutorials for insight and inspiration for your own space:

10x10 booth layout

Coffee Roastery Booth Flip Inspo

5x5 booth layout ideas

What factors should I consider before purchasing a floor-standing display for my retail or event space?

  1. Modularity: Choose a display that offers flexibility and can be tailored to suit your unique brand story. Our designs prioritize modularity, allowing you to create a personalized and impactful presentation of your products.
  2. Sustainability and Material Quality: Opt for displays made from eco-friendly, high-quality materials like our Baltic Birch. This not only reflects environmental responsibility but also ensures durability and a sophisticated look.
  3. Ease of Use: Prioritize displays that are user-friendly, with toolless assembly and portability. This is essential for adapting quickly to various settings, from trade shows to boutique stores, as shown by our Aframe 3.0's lightweight and collapsible design.


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