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Modules complémentaires

Add-On Q&A

These add ons are specifically made from Vertical Ledge to enhance the functionality of your displays.

Are these add-ons compatible with my existing display units?

All the add-ons are compatible with the peg boards made after 2021 (RE-LAUNCH Campaign).

If you are unless, please reach out. We're here to help!

How do I mount my peg board to the wall?

Using the wall-mounting hardware, simply hold the unit up to the wall and outline 4 peg holes on each side of the perimeter of the board.

From there, make a small pre-drill for the drywall anchors. Insert the drywall anchors, and then screw the stand off into the wall.

Lastly, secure the peg board to the wall in a simlar fashion as a glass whiteboard.

How many units of the XL Panel can fit into the XL bag?

You can fit up to 6 panels into one bag, but please be aware of the weight load. An average person can carry 2 panels.


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