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Your Ultimate Pop-up and Market Event Checklist

As a pop-up or market vendor, it’s essential to be prepared with all the necessary tools and equipment for a successful event. From displays to promotional materials, having everything on hand can make the difference between a mediocre event and a successful one. In this article, we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist of the top 25 things you should take with you to your next pop-up or market event.


  1. Vertical Ledge displays and fixtures (obviously...)
  2. Business cards and/or flyers
  3. Cash box and float
  4. Payment processing system (e.g., Square, PayPal)
  5. Price tags and/or labels
  6. Inventory list and/or spreadsheet
  7. Portable tables and/or stands
  8. Comfortable and appropriate clothing and shoes
  9. A water bottle and snacks
  10. Promotional signage/banner
  11. Branded tablecloth
  12. Lighting (if necessary)
  13. Tape, scissors, and a knife
  14. Extension cords and power strips
  15. Battery-operated chargers
  16. Lifestyle props (plants, dried florals, etc.)
  17. Extra product and samples
  18. Receipt book or printer
  19. Bags, boxes, and packaging materials
  20. First aid kit
  21. Hand sanitizer and wipes
  22. A camera or smartphone for photos
  23. Music or ambient noise maker
  24. Product care and maintenance supplies
  25. Business license and/or permits (if necessary)

Being prepared with everything you need can alleviate stress and allow you to focus on interacting with customers and making sales. By using this checklist, you can ensure that you have all the essential items for your next pop-up or market event. With the right tools and equipment, you can create an attractive and functional display and provide a positive experience for your customers.

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