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Thoughts from Vertical Ledge Founders on Fall Launch

"I am thoroughly impressed with how far Vertical Ledge has come since opening 5 years ago with a simple 3-tiered stand. This journey has not been a walk in the park, so we are so thankful for our small business community for rallying around us as we launched some of the most innovative, and logistically challenging product lines to date." – Sydney

This fall, Vertical Ledge proudly unveiled a series of innovative retail display systems, marking a significant milestone in our journey of redefining retail spaces. Founders Sydney and Andrey reflect on the meaning of this launch, the progress of Vertical Ledge, and the impact of these new collections on the retail landscape.

The Line Up:

The Dola Collection

  • Our bespoke modular pop-up gondola system, the Dola Collection, offers unique storage solutions and versatile display options, with minimal hardware and toolless assembly, catering to diverse retail needs.

The Pier Collection

  • Featuring three distinct plinths with hidden storage and easy assembly, the Pier Collection embodies elegance and functionality, elevating product presentation.


Round Collection Tiny

  • Designed for smaller grab-and-go items, this mini Point of Purchase display can either be wall-mounted or standalone, adding a touch of sophistication with its beautiful arches.


Aframe 3.0

  • Aframe 3.0, available in a range of colors, provide versatile solutions for impactful displays.


"Engineering the Dola system was a fun and innovative process. I can't wait to see what our audience will do with it!" – Andrey

"The way you display your products is a critical component of the brand experience. It's not just about showcasing items; it's about creating a journey, telling a story, and making an impact." – Industry Expert

Studies indicate that effective retail display systems play a pivotal role in enhancing the shopper experience, with over 70% of purchase decisions made in-store. Research suggests that well-organized and aesthetically pleasing displays can increase sales by up to 540%, underscoring the importance of innovative display solutions.

A report highlights that consistent and captivating displays contribute significantly to brand recognition and identity, influencing customer loyalty and repeat purchases.


As Vertical Ledge celebrates the launch of our groundbreaking collections, Sydney and Andrey’s reflections underscore the passion, innovation, and community spirit that have shaped our journey. These new additions to our portfolio are not just about aesthetics and functionality; they represent the evolution of retail experiences and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Inspired by the possibilities of transforming your retail space with our latest collections? Explore the Dola, Pier, and Round Collection Tiny, and let’s create captivating retail experiences together! #VerticalLedge #FallLaunch #RetailInnovation

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