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How To Find Your Local Engraver

Many of you have seen the engraving options for our Vertical Ledge stands. We love to see brands personalize their Aframe headers or Kiosk covers with their logo. Now, the question we have been getting A LOT, is how do I find an engraver for my stand? We’re here to give you a couple quick and easy tips on finding an engraver near you.

A Quick Google Search

The first thing you can do is make a quick google search and type something like:

  • Laser cutting and engraving services
  • Local engraver near me
  • Wood engraving near me
  • Engraving service near me

Make sure to have your location tracking on for this search so that you can find the engraver nearest to you. There are often a few in your area and you never would have known. 

Etsy search

On the off chance you don’t have a local engraver in your area, you can search for one on Etsy. You may have to ship your item out to get engraved if they are not directly in your area. But, again when you do this search make sure to have your location tracking on so that you have a better chance of finding somebody local. 

Next Steps

Once you have found and contacted your local engraver, here are your next steps:

  • Have a high resolution .SVJ file of your logo
  • Confirm the typeface or font name with the engraver

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