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Custom Project: Spinning Displays for Hair Accessories + Ballet Brand

Revolutionizing Retail Displays: A Ballet of Form and Function

Sydney White, the visionary founder of Vertical Ledge, recently spearheaded an exciting custom project for Bun Heads, a renowned brand in the ballet and hair care accessories market. The challenge was to develop a display that not only met the aesthetic and practical needs of Bun Heads but also resonated with their brand ethos.

The Unique Design: A Dance of Elegance and Efficiency

The result? A series of modern, simple, yet bespoke spinning displays, designed to showcase Bun Heads' diverse range of products. These displays incorporate a mix of pegs, shelves, and boxes, allowing for a flexible and attractive presentation of items in stores nationwide.

Each unit, made from eco-friendly materials and recycled bottles for color elements, is a testament to sustainable innovation. The displays are not only fully branded to align with Bun Heads' identity but are also a model of eco-conscious design.

Engineering Excellence: The Backbone of Practicality

A standout feature of these displays is their pack-flat design, ensuring cost-effective logistics. Weighing in at just 32 pounds and easy to set up in minutes, these units are a marvel of engineering. This efficiency is thanks to Andrey White, co-founder of Vertical Ledge and an aerospace engineer, whose expertise brought this vision to life.

The Importance of Visual Merchandising

"Visual merchandising is the silent ambassador of your brand," says Sydney White. The impact of how products are displayed can significantly influence customer perception and, ultimately, sales.

A Spin on the Traditional: Modern and Bespoke

What sets these displays apart is their rounded tops and bottoms, adding a fluidity and elegance that echo the grace of ballet. This design choice speaks to brands looking for a display stand that is not only functional but also carries a distinct, modern character.

 A New Era for Retail Displays

In summary, Vertical Ledge's project with Bun Heads sets a new standard for retail displays. It encapsulates the essence of a brand while addressing practical needs and sustainability. This innovation is a call to action for other brands seeking to elevate their visual merchandising with a bespoke, modern touch.



What makes these spinning displays by Vertical Ledge unique in the market?

The uniqueness of Vertical Ledge's spinning displays lies in their combination of form and function. Firstly, they're designed to be aesthetically pleasing with a modern and bespoke look, featuring rounded tops and bottoms that resonate with the elegance of ballet.

Secondly, they are made from eco-friendly materials, emphasizing sustainability. Lastly, their innovative pack-flat design for easy transportation and quick setup, all while weighing only 32 pounds, sets them apart in terms of practicality and environmental consideration.

How do these displays enhance the retail experience for brands like Bun Heads?

These displays enhance the retail experience by effectively merging visual appeal with functional design. They allow for a flexible presentation of products, thanks to the mix of pegs, shelves, and boxes. This flexibility is crucial for brands like Bun Heads that have a diverse range of products.

Moreover, the eco-friendly aspect and the brand-aligned design help reinforce the brand's identity and commitment to sustainability, which can positively impact customer perception and engagement.

Can these displays be customized for other brands, and how do they contribute to a brand's image?

Yes, these displays are designed to be bespoke, which means they can be tailored to meet the specific needs and brand identity of different companies. Customization can range from the choice of materials to the color scheme and branding elements.

This customization is vital in visual merchandising as it helps to create a unique and memorable shopping experience, thereby strengthening the brand's image. In the words of Sydney White, "Visual merchandising is the silent ambassador of your brand," indicating that the way products are presented plays a significant role in shaping the perception and image of the brand in the minds of consumers.

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