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5x5 Booth Layout; Navigating a Small Space

It's always important to consider the structure of your booth at any craft show or event you attend. How can you maximize space and make sure everything is easily seen by potential customers?

This post will explore some creative and fresh ways to lay out a smaller footprint booth, helping maximize sales at your next event! With unique considerations like physical set-up size, visibility, organization, customer flow and more to consider it can be overwhelming— but don’t worry!

We’ll cover the pros and cons of each layout in detail so that making an informed decision about which one works best for you becomes easier. So read on as we dive deeper into smarter booth design options that could give your business a competitive edge.


Option 1

  • Pull Cart, RCL, and Aframe 2.0 all use vertical space
  • Great for limited floor space and smaller booths
  • Can be used for folded textiles, accessories, bath and home products
  • Walkable for the customer
  • For a smaller booth space
  • Needs a variety of product
  • Aframe 2.0 ideal for larger products
  • Not ideal for smaller products like jewelry, prints and stickers

Option 2

Pros  Cons
  • Perfect set-up for small booth pop-ups
  • RCL compatible with all add-ons
  • RCL uses vertical space
  • Kiosk has storage space behind cover
  • Ideal for jewelry, prints, stickers, and bath products
  • Not for a larger booth space
  • Not ideal for a high volume of inventory
  • Not for clothing, large pottery, and home products
  • Grooved is for smaller products only

Option 3

Pros  Cons
  • Use of vertical space with Rack and Aframe 2.0
  • Market Table 2.0 can be used as a checkout space and hold smaller displays
  • Ideal for clothing, home products, and larger accessories
  • Rack is only for clothing and hung products
  • Set-up is not for jewelry, prints, bath products, and other small products.
  • Ideal for small to medium booth spaces

We hope this guide is helpful in giving you an idea for YOUR ideal booth set-up. For more inspiration, see this Youtube video for smaller booths.


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