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Books, Podcasts + More

The books I read for business have been really imperative to shaping our growth and mindset at Vertical Ledge. Neither Andrey nor I went to school for business, and while we are grateful for that, we still keep learning business tactics front and center.

  • Would we be where we are without reading these books?

    • No, each book has added some benefit to our business. Either actionable steps forward, mindest changes or simply preparing us for what’s next.

  • Do I think each book is necessary for every business owner?

    • No, but I d think it' is important to look at different stages of business even if you are not in that stage yet. This can help prepare you for the upcoming challenges.

  • Why read books when you could use that time to dive deeper into your business?

    • Reading these books and listening to podcasts, allows us to learn from others instead of shouldering it all on our own. We learn quicker, save time, and eliminate headaches.



Business Mindset/ Personal Growth:

Mindest Shifts:



  • How I Built This

    • The podcast that interviews other founders and the stories behind their brands

  • School of Greatness

    • Overall health and wellness, mindset, and personal growth- literally something for everyone here

  • On Purpose

    • Interesting conversations surrounding psychology

  • The Brendon Show

    • Motivation, Quick, high-energy, No BS Excuses tolerated

  • Goal Digger Podcast

    • Where we started with business podcasts- the earlier years were packed with very tangible advice for growing businesses

Instagram Accounts we love:

  • Curate Well Co

    • Pia is our personal CSO and we love everything she stands for

  • Chris Do

    • Infographics are insanely helpful for gaining insight as a business owner

  • Yung Pueblo

    • A man of few, but impactful words

  • Good Influencer

    • A space that shares insights on the influencer world (which we hope to tap into one day as an emergent market)

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